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1 List Acquisition

  1. We recruit all of our local and domestic and international market research respondents using a 4-prong approach.
  2. Our database has over 11 million contacts worldwide (phone and/or email addresses).
  3. We are compliant with FTC standards for outbound calling.
  4. Our technique for sourcing samples varies based on the specific target audience requirements.

2 Initial Screening

Respondents are contacted and screened for a potential study. If qualified, the respondent will receive an email confirmation packet with the date, time, location, directions and honorarium. C2 discloses to respondents that they will be videotaped for market research purposes only. Then 1-2 business days later…

3 Quality Assurance

A recruiting supervisor will reach out to respondents to verify key target audience requirements and confirm availability for the study at set day/time/location.

4 Confirmation

Generally, respondents will have 4-5 points of contact with C2 prior to a study: 1) initial screening, 2) email confirmation, 3) quality assurance check, 4) reminder call the day before the study, and 5) email/text/phone reminder the day of focus group (depending on target audience and respondent preference).

5 Reporting & Tracking

Clients receive daily recruiting updates once a project has been in the field for at least 1 day.  It typically takes a day to generate call-backs for studies. The recruiting update is a spreadsheet with all of the relevant screening requirements.