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How we leverage technology

C2 is committed to staying on the forefront of emerging technology. We integrate advanced technologies in everything that we do, from the way we identify participants to how we collect data and perform research. We use the following technologies to serve our clients in the most effective and strategic manner possible:

  • Data analytics and Intelligent Customer Experience Management software: We gather and analyze customer feedback through opinion mining, intelligent sentiment and text analysis software.
  • Eye-tracking research services: We use the latest in eye-tracking software to test virtually any website, mobile device, software or user system. Our analysis includes feature visibility, clicks, scrolling, task completion and heat maps.
  • In-house streaming video: We offer the ability to watch the focus groups on your computer from the comfort of your home or office. This is a cost-effective solution to avoid the cost and time associated with travel.
  • Mobile device intercepts: We handle all aspects of intercept interviews, including questionnaire design, data collection and analysis of results. Our trained interviewers use iPads to conduct the interviews. This method allows for immediate data collection.
  • Online focus groups: Online focus groups are a convenient and effective way to conduct research.  There are no geographical boundaries, so this is a terrific tool to reach many different cross-sections of respondents and get diverse viewpoints. Our online platform requires only an internet connection and a current version of a widely used web browser.
  • Online surveys: Online surveys are a quick and cost-effective way to reach your target audience. We can design and program online surveys to meet the needs and goals of your project.