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One of C²’s core competencies is full breadth of services in collateral research, which we define as information collection, consolidation, analysis and delivery that support the client’s end goal. Our unique capabilities and approach to collateral research allow our methods to be of value across multiple industries. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Assessing competitive landscape
  • Auditing data collection in retail environments
  • In-store photo and/or video audits
  • Merchandising data collection + service
  • Mystery shoppers
  • Ongoing data collection + maintenance programs
  • Retail site surveys (pre/post launch)
  • Training + support with planogram executions

All of C²’s collateral research services are scalable to meet the high demands of our clients. This means meeting quantity, frequency and far-reaching national and international geographic needs.

Adding value

C² adds incredible value with its unique ability to:

  1. Determine and define the correct information to be collected and/or service to be delivered
  2. Structure and/or consult to develop a standardized, scalable and automated data collection process; develop mobile apps for data collection, if requested
  3. Effectively and efficiently train national and international personnel, as required, with specific, client-driven skills and knowledge
  4. Physically deploy a trained, skilled and knowledgeable personnel to collect the information and/or deliver services nationally and internationally, as required
  5. Implement and ensure quality-control checks of collected information and/or services delivered
  6. Collect and consolidate information with automated processes in real time
  7. Deliver real-time status updates and reporting; clients have private access to a secure server to access all project-related documentation