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C² works with independent researchers and moderators to oversee its field services and project management needs.

Are you always on the road? Juggling multiple projects in multiple cities and various time zones?

Do you need to bounce ideas off an informed and educated resource who has a constant pulse on consumer trends, insights and vendors throughout the U.S. and international markets?

Are you looking for a trusted partner who shares your appreciation for attention to detail and professionalism? A partner who is available 24/7 to coordinate your research schedule, negotiate rates and manage relationships with third-party vendors, write draft screeners and questionnaires based on your project specifications, ensure quality assurance and manage day-to-day logistics with suppliers and your immediate clients?

Whether you need to mobilize a team of 5 or 500 in a week or overnight, C² has the knowledge, experience and resources to fulfill your research objectives. Whatever your specific need, we invite you to consider C² as an extension of your market research service offerings.