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Examples of local + US research projects

  • Largest volume of a quantitative online survey sample fielded in 3 business days: 972 respondents who worked in select technology related job functions.
  • Largest volume for a single qualitative recruiting project: 192 respondents for a car clinic in 4 markets over two weekends
  • Highest volume of respondents interviewed in the shortest amount of fielding time: 123 active adults aged 55-75 years old visiting our focus group facility to try a new variety of juice all in the course of one business day
  • Shortest amount of time to re-screen/replace respondents on an entire study based on late client changes to target audience screening requirements: 38 hours
  • Most remote area where C2 recruited an in-person focus group (US): Texarkana

Examples of international research

  • Agriculture biotechnology company (U.S.): Full-service engagement. Conducted 23 focus groups in China, Romania, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, France, U.S. and online using software provider.
  • Gold mining corporation (Canada): Full-service engagement. Conducted 10 focus groups in Tanzania, South Africa, Chile, U.S., Canada and Australia.
  • Pharmaceutical company (Israel): International project management services, coordinating venue and recruiting suppliers for a 20-group study in Russia, U.K., Hungary, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Israel, Brazil, Mexico, and U.S.
  • Technology company (Silicon Valley, U.S.): Full-service engagement. Conducted 20 focus groups in Russia, China, India, Brazil, Costa Rica, Israel, Germany and U.S.; 16 were recruited in-house and remaining 4 by local boutique research firms.
  • Financial services: Full-service engagement. Conducted 12 focus groups with current employees and prospective job seekers in New York, Tokyo, London, Shanghai and New Delhi.