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Where C2 conducts research:

There is more to planning international research and market studies than picking up a phone book and reaching out to a research company for an estimate. We’ve invested over 14 years to building our network of international research partners. We’ve interviewed and screened all of our trusted affiliates and only collaborate with like-minded boutique suppliers who share the same espoused values, know their local market and consistently deliver high-quality research programs.

In addition, we’ve hand-picked, briefed and trained our team of bilingual moderators and translators to follow the C² standard. We always have a native English-speaking researcher review all international research reporting before submitting any findings to our clients.

We’re also mindful of local considerations that might impact an international research study, such as:

  • Local holidays and academic calendars (university/student groups only)
  • Government and/or public notifications that might impact project success (e.g., H1N1 flu virus, extreme weather conditions)
  • National/professional sporting events
  • National/regional laws regarding privacy and confidentiality
  • Respecting local customs, language dialects

Together with its international research affiliates, C² can execute the simplest to the most complicated international studies with consistency and quality assurance throughout the project.