Passionate for market research? Join us.

C² Research Inc. is in the business of understanding what influences and drives consumer behavior.

As such, C² recognizes the importance of creating a dynamic work environment surrounded by bright, articulate and motivated market researchers who understand the importance of quality and consistency in their work.

C² is currently hiring Project Managers and Telephone Recruiters interested in market research careers for its Westchester County, NY, corporate office and Roseville, CA, facility.

Job responsibilities include:

  • Screen and recruit potential research participants via telephone and on-site intercepts.
  • Conduct quantitative surveys in the local field and/or via telephone.
  • Strong communications and computer skills are required.
  • In most cases, respondents will be screened from the existing database. The database contacts have requested to be contacted for projects where they might fit a required demographic, interest or profession.
  • Business executives are recruited during regular business hours. Market research recruiters must have some experience and confidence with contacting business executives and the use of business/technical terminology and technologies.
  • Consumer targets are contacted during the evening.

Benefits include:

  • Flexible work hours, including day, night and weekend shifts.
  • New and experienced interviewers are welcomed. Training will be provided.
  • Full- and part-time positions are available.
  • Bonuses are awarded at the end of each project, based on respondent show rate and productivity.
  • For more information or to submit your resume, please contact us at