C² research overview: Our Team

  • In-house full-time, part-time and seasonal recruiters, moderators and support staff
  • Field researchers located throughout the US in urban, suburban and rural markets who can be deployed and mobilized with 96 hours notice
  • A network of international research partners in over 65 international markets including Latin America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and Africa

Shelly Bogetich Klose
Founder/Managing Director

• 25 years in advertising & consulting
• Trained moderator
• Published author, Beyond Big Data: Big Insights in Small Data with R. 
• Previously worked in account planning (strategy) at Anderson + Lembke (McCann, SF), Ogilvy & Mather, NY
• B.S. Business Administration, Marketing, Cal Poly, M.S. candidate (thesis pending), Corporate + Consumer Communications, New York University. 

Casey Mohan
 VP, Research Director

• 10+ years consulting, market research experience
• President, Sacramento chapter, AMA
• Guest lecturer, CSUS 
• Previously worked at local CBS-Sacramento affiliate
• B.S. Business Administration, Marketing, CSUS

Matt Lucas
 Project Manager

• 3+ years project management experience
• Previous experience: State of CA controller’s office, vendor mgt
• B.S. Business Administration, Marketing & International business, CSUS

Jon Bushaw
Facility Manager

• 6 years recruiting and facilities
management experience