Client Benefits

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The experience

By working with C2 Research, Inc., our clients enjoy an effective and efficient workflow process. Our clients benefit from C2 experience through:

The quality

  • We provide meaningful and detailed actionable reports and analysis
  • We dedicate staff to service client accounts
  • We understand and embrace complex screening requirements
  • We have the ability to connect with and recruit even the most difficult to reach audiences
  • We consistently recruit high-quality, on-target respondents
  • We initiate multiple points of communication to verify qualifications
  • We deliver strong show rates

Project management

  • We streamline the recruiting process to one primary point of contact and disseminate communications to all vendors (as needed) in a timely manner
  • We are a committed, trusted partner with a vested interest in continued success
  • We respect and comply with stringent recruiting training standards and practices
  • We allow clients to focus on their job, not day-to-day recruiting issues


  • We have vast experience recruiting complex targets, from scientists who develop new seed varieties to South African miners; no target is too complex
  • During the last calendar year, we managed 14 studies comprising 12+ focus groups per assignment and budgets in excess of $75,000 (in addition to various smaller-scaled engagements)
  • We lower recruiting costs by managing respondent data more efficiently and effectively