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User research + usability testing

Cis a pioneer in usability testing

Our research approach is ideal for testing websites, mobile apps and software on different operating systems and smartphone platforms.

Our testing methods include wireframe and paper prototype, pre-launch beta testing, and post-launch measurements.

We offer an array user testing services and tools help to clients identify trends in behavioral and attitudinal analysis and user preferences. One add-on tool offered is eye tracking used to measure or monitor eye movement. Eye tracking generates meaningful insights, helping clients to visualize user experiences and identify key content areas of interest. C2 also offers 508 compliance testing using JAWs or ZoomText screen readers.

Things to consider when planning user research + usability testing

Comparing In-person versus Remote/Online testing methodologies.

  • Stronger inter-personal connection: Researcher is able to connect with user more quickly in person, leading to richer and more detailed usability discovery.
  • Forces users to focus solely on the website, eliminating the potential risk for getting distracted during the session.
  • Opportunity for clients to leave office and immerse themselves in testing, encourage brainstorming in-between sessions.
  • Recruiting/Geographic diversity: Allows for a wider geographic representation in the study—can recruit respondents in many different cities, respondents are more likely to attend, no travel time, might be able to attract a harder to reach audiences who are reluctant or unable to attend in-person sessions.
  • Conduct testing in user’s natural, less “clinical” setting. With the use of remote testing with web camera requirements, we can still capture the respondent’s facial expressions but not necessarily his/her entire body language.
  • Cost savings-Reduced moderating fees, no facility rental, lower incentives to respondents.
  • Time savings- More flexibility with scheduling; sessions can be scheduled based on client availability over a series of days, no travel time required to/from venue.
  • See Test materials/website based on user’s computer/browser settings.
  • Rescheduling a no-show is easier for remote sessions than paying for a venue.
  • Negative aspects: potential concern for firewalls, slow Internet connections between networks. 

Recommended Sample Size Based on The Following Factors

  • C2’s recommendation on sample size will vary based on the number of unique target audiences and geographies.
  • C2 follows usability expert, Jakob Nielsen approach for determining sample size.
  • In addition, it is necessary to over-recruit by 15-20% to ensure minimum desired quotas/show rates are met.

Citation: Why You Only Need to Test with 5 Users – Jakob Nielsen’s Alertbox (Mar. 19, 2000)