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C2 conducts research spanning many topics and industries, including consumer, business-to-business, IT and healthcare, among others. We can supply virtually any demographic sector in support of your research. We specialize in harder-to-reach audiences including:

We work with university professors to coordinate and recruit market research studies with undergraduate and MBA students.

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According to The Nielsen & BoomAgers report “Introducing Boomers: Marketing’s Most Valuable Generation,” empty-nest Baby Boomers control 70% of U.S. disposable income and buy 49% of total consumer packaged goods. We conduct research with active adults so our clients can effectively tailor and market their products to their customers’ life-stage needs.
We conduct web accessibility and usability testing to make sure our clients’ websites are in compliance with Section 508 Amendment to the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.
C2 has vast experience in coordinating and recruiting automotive research for an array of segments, including owners of specific vehicles and those hard to identify and reach prospective owners.
C2 provides candidate recruitment for a wide variety of industries. Our staff is specially trained in candidate recruitment, which can be a time-consuming and challenging process. We also offer Competitive Intelligence services, where we collect and analyze essential information required for planning strategic recruiting efforts, developing and maintaining the most effective sales strategies, and obtaining invaluable insights from organizational benchmarking against competitors.
Our clients monitor and try to ensure their active compliance with the spirit of the law, ethical standards and international norms. It is critical to a business to also monitor public opinion about their behavior, technology and projects.  C2 provides research and analysis for companies looking to evaluate their corporate social responsibility & environmental policy.
C2 provides insights into understanding multicultural and LGBT market trends.
Cis an industry leader in employer branding and engagement research. Our clients are aiming to position themselves as an employer of choice, attracting and retaining the finest employees and distinguishing themselves from their competitors. We conduct internal research with current employees, as well as external research with prospective employees. We provide a practical step-by-step approach for effective recruitment marketing and employee engagement. Our ultimate goal is maximum employee engagement, which in turn leads to more motivated and productive employees. We have conducted employer branding and engagement for many Fortune 500 companies, across a wide variety of industries, and on a global scale with much success.
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Since its inception, C2 Research, Inc. has compiled numerous expert panels of hard-to-reach audiences who have opted in to participate in our market research studies. These panels allow us to conduct market research with verified respondents and minimal lead time. These panels also allow for rapid-response research initiatives for in-person or online groups, bulletin boards and ethnographic research. We are constantly updating and expanding our panels. We have amassed expert panels among the following audiences: healthcare, pharmaceutical, technology/IT professionals, financial services, small business owners, video gamers, social media/mobile app users

• Healthcare
• Pharmaceutical
• Technology/IT professionals
• Financial services
• Small business owners
• Video gamers
• Social media/mobile app users
Cconducts market research for local, state and federal governments and agencies. Some of our past projects included economic surveys, awareness and attitude research, as well as policy studies about health, education and transportation.
Cspecializes in conducting research for leading hospitals and healthcare providers. We have amassed a proprietary expert panel of physicians, hospital administrators and other healthcare professionals.
Chas vast experience in staging effective mock trials to help our clients evaluate potential juror reactions. Potential mock jurors are intensely screened before being invited, and we recruit participants whose demographics reflect the potential juror population of the case.
At C², we encourage clients to utilize mystery shopping and on-site intercepts to measure the quality of customer service and also adherence to the client’s standards and compliance. We understand what clients are trying to achieve from monitoring the customer experience in a range of venues including restaurants, retail, gas stations, movie theaters and even more specialized fields such as healthcare. Our team of experts are well groomed, polished professionals who represent not only our own C² brand with respect and professionalism but also our client’s own requirements.
Cspecializes in conducting research for leading pharmaceutical and medical device companies. We provide a full range of qualitative and quantitative market research services to support products and strategy throughout the product life-cycle.
Cis a pioneer in usability testing.  Our mobile usability lab allows researchers and clients to observe and evaluate the testing of any interactive product during the testing process. Our lab is ideal for testing websites, hand-held devices and interactive software. Our testing methods include wireframe and paper prototype, pre-launch beta testing, and post-launch measurements. Eye-tracking services to measure or monitor eye movement and 508 compliance testing using JAWs or ZoomText screen readers are also available.

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C² conducts concept testing, demo testing, play testing, online studies and traditional focus groups for some of the leading video game publishers and developers. We have assembled a video game expert panel with a variety of gamer levels and platforms.
C² conducts research with federal and state agencies, county and municipal governments, and school districts on a variety of public policy matters. We also conduct research on upcoming legislation and public support for referenda.
America’s youth harness an unprecedented amount of buying power: $211 billion. Not only do they own more things than previous generations, but they also have more access to vast amounts of information due to the internet and social media. C² researchers are innovative in their methods for conducting research with youth audiences and sharing the insights with our clients.